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6 grandmother’s secrets in the kitchen

All women have their own household tricks, that over the years have proved their efficiency in the kitchen. Whether these are secret spices added to a dish by the hostess or a pan cleaning trick, these tricks hacks are often spread by word of mouth. Today we will present to you several fail-safe tricks that will serve you faithfully in the kitchen.

  1. When a refrigerator has not been thawed for a long time, it acquires a specific odor. The same happens when you have forgotten some products which have spoiled. To handle quickly and easily with the bad smell, forget the expensive detergents. What you need to do is to leave a few slices of bread in the refrigerator for one night.
  2. The wooden vessels, spatulas and cutting boards are usually washed in the same manner as the other dishes. However, it is good to periodically boil them in hot water with some baking soda. However, the wood is an ideal environment for the development of a variety of bacteria, particularly when it has been in contact with meat.
  3. Your grandmother has not relied on a professional domestic cleaning company Fulham, so she knew how to remove the bad smell with baking soda.
  4. All housewives feel uncomfortable when something sticks on a Teflon pan. Vessels with such coverage, and porcelain are cleaned most easily with a simple alcohol and a little bit of cotton.
  5. Glass cups, jugs and bottles, on which lime sludge have remained are cleaned by filling them with a mixture of sea salt, vinegar and some broken egg shells. Shake well, then rinse. The final result is a sparkling clean glass surface.
  6. If meals boils on the stove, immediately sprinkle with salt to prevent the smoke and odor of burning, which will appear. Then clean the metal parts of the oven with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar - they remove tanned and grease particles the best way. So, you can cope with burnt-on food residues before the arrival of the end of tenancy cleaners Fulham. Don’t regret it, because they will finish faster this way!

Be sure, that your granny knew these housekeeping tricks and applied them regularly!

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