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Cleaning uses of coffee grounds that are actually helpful

The smell of fresh ground coffee in the morning – probably one of the best reasons to wake up early and enjoy your precious cup! It seems that almost everyone loves their magical drink but do you make the best of it? Coffee is not only used for your favorite drink - its grounds are proven to be the main ingredient for some cleaning procedures. So the next time you brew your coffee make sure you don’t throw away the grounds. Just read on to see some helpful uses:

  • If you have some unpleasant odors in your fridge you can put some coffee grounds in a bowl and put it inside – they will magically absorb it. Now you can feel like a professional domestic cleaner Chiswick!
  • You can’t clean your greasy pan? Don’t worry – coffee grounds are here to help. Mix some of them with dish soap and scrub your pan easily.
  • You can pour used coffee grounds in order to clean the drain of clogs and the built up grease. After pouring them, add some dish soap ( a few drops) and finish with a pot of boiling water – you will be amazed by the results! Maybe even some end of tenancy cleaning experts Chiswick don’t know that trick!
  • Maybe you won’t believe it but when you give your dog a bath you can use the coffee grounds again. Add a tablespoon in the shampoo – this is done to in order to help repelling fleas.
  • Last but not least you can turn the coffee grounds into a unique luxurious body scrub! Just add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and a pinch of citrus zest to a cup of coffee grounds and mix them well – simple like that!

As you can see coffee is loved for a lot of reasons. Think twice before tossing the used coffee grounds! All these uses make us truly say “Thank you, caffeine!”.

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