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Dealing with ants at home!

Alongside with cockroaches and mice ants can be the most annoying pests at home. They usually attack houses, but there are even cases in flats in Great Britain. Regardless the building type you live in, ants can definitely spoil your cozy, convenient and healthy home place. Dealing with ants at home is a must and there is no doubt about this. But how to? Find out now!

  • If you are a fan of professional carpet cleaning services Leicester and you always prefer to turn to a specialist, then contacting pest control agency is by all means the best alternative for you. Besides, it is safe and reliable in case no toxic detergents are involved. These bad toxins might harm your kid or pet.
  • Turn to oils. Oils are the most repulsive liquids to ants. They will go away without even making you kill them (many people do not accept ants as pests and that`s why they don't tend to go for a killing solution). You can use any kind of an essential oil you prefer, but the biggest enemies to ants are lavender, mint and cinnamon.
  • The Sprinkle-tinkle method. Use ordinary ammonia to remove ants from home. But have in mind that if your house is in a real invasion, baking soda might be not enough...
  • Speaking of the worst ants-at-home case, sometimes, experts, even recommend  to make deep repairs at home, change the old furniture or overtake decent floor sanding Leicester. This will chase the ants away, because they really love to hide surrounded by a mess.

Ants can be gone. You just need to be stubborn enough to chase them away!

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