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Decorate your home for Summer on a budget!

Summer is around the corner and we are getting more and more impatient craving for beach weather and over-sized sunglasses. How to bring these vibes in your home? Don`t think that you should spend a fortune in order to decorate your home for Summer! Read on and check out our suggestions:

  • The first thing that can be done is to incorporate live plants in the interior. There are easy to take care of types of flowers that are budget-friendly as they continue to bloom during the whole season - it will be much cheaper to grow such plants than buy fresh flowers every week. No need to mention that having plants at home improves the indoor air quality. Get some African violets, Orchids, Succulents or Begonias – they will bring vivid colours to your home plus they are hard to kill! Display them in pot inside a birdcage or glass vase so the root system is visible – be creative and you easily transform your living room!
  • Depending on how old are your kids you can choose to make an outdoor game you can play in the backyard. Consider making large tic-tac-toe, chess or a seesaw. If your children have overgrown the age of playing these, you can make an outdoor movie theater that will do as an entertainment for the whole family! There are many DIY tutorials for installing a large screen in your yard – just find the most suitable for you. What's better than watching a movie in your backyard in a breezy summer night with friends and family?  
  • If you don't have backyard large enough for such projects, why don't you consider making DIY summer accents to place around your house? You can easily make marine candles in less than 5 minutes. You need sand, glue, big plain candles and some seashells. Apply glue on the bottom part of the candle and sprinkle sand over it – make the candle look like it was dipped in sand but make sure it covers just the base.  Glue seashells over the sand and place these summery accessories around your home!
  • Consider repainting or reupholstering just few walls or furniture – no need to remodel your whole house but as changing the colour of a single wall can refresh your living premises a lot. You can always rely on professional painting contractors for best results but if you are confident that you can do it on your own give it a try! Reupholstering your sofa is a lot more difficult to be done by yourself but still even if you let the experts do it for you, it will be much cheaper than buying a new one! Pick a fabric and pattern and you will see that even small changes make a difference! The same goes for some old wooden set of chairs – bring them back to life and spray paint them in vivid colours.
  • If you are lucky enough and you have a fireplace at home, get rid of any old wood pieces and make it interesting by adding little terrarium on top or placing large conches or shells painted in bright colours. Place some of the blooming plant over there – the idea is to “hide” the winter-y feel that we enjoy in the cold months and make space for beach mood!
  • What about your bedroom? Feel like you are in a beach-side oasis by simply adding an inexpensive canopy over your bed. Place some over-sized pillows onto it and put transparent vases filled with colourful pebbles on your nightstands. Now all you need is your favourite cocktail in your hand!
  • Enhance your summer mood by using essential oils around your house! Tempting scents that can be used as an air freshener combined with their amazing therapeutic properties are lemon and ylang-ylang essential oils. Lemon is without doubt one of the most loved scents – it is also known for its incredible qualities. It improves concentration and can relieve headaches. Ylang-ylang is highly preferred because of its sweet strong aroma and its calming and relaxing properties – there is a reason why many spa resorts use this scent! You can make your own air fresheners by pouring distilled water in a spray bottle and adding 15 drops of essential oil of your preference in it – simple like that!
  • Make more conversation areas and add some seating – if you have a deck to place it, you can make a great bench out of old pallets, few cushions and some spray paint. The best part is that you can put it indoors when it`s time to say goodbye to Summer and make another cosy spot in the living room. Cushions are essential for the comfort of the bench but as you will keep them outside most of the time, you are recommended to cover them with washable pillowcases which you can throw in the washing machine every week.
  • Last but not least – ask your kids! Let them use their imagination and give them a little assignment to make an artistic piece that reminds them of Summer. No matter if it will be a watercolour painting or a seashell collage, display their work! You will have a unique piece of décor and your little one will proudly point out that they are the artist!

As you can see there are budget-friendly ways to improve your décor – all you have to do is devote some of your free time and invite Summer in your home!

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