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DIY refurbishment projects to transform your old stuff

Every household has some broken furniture or old stuff we love too much to toss them in the trash. But how can we actually use them ? Don’t leave these objects collecting dust in your house – make the best of them starting a refurbishment project. The good news is that the most appropriate time is just before the spring has begun. You can get ready for the spring cleaning and decide which things you can transform into something unique and incredible. Read on to see some ideas you may find useful.

  • Do you have some ladders that are no longer safe to use? A great refurbishment project is to make them birdhouse stands. You just have to repaint them if you want to get the vintage look. You can ask your local painting company for some advice on how to get this result. After that you just have to screw your birdhouse on top and place it somewhere in the garden – simple yet beautiful.
  • Don’t throw away that broken old suitcase! You can actually start some pretty nice projects using it. If you have a pet you can make a great bed for it. You just have to remove the top and put the stuffing in the new bed. What’s better than happy pet and a  little cosy touch for your home? Plus your domestic cleaners will be glad because cleaning the new bed will be so much easier.  However, if you are not a pet-owner, you can turn your suitcase into a medicine cabinet. Clean the inside and add small shelves to stack your things. Add screws to the back so you can easily hang it on your wall. It’s amazing how from useless old suitcase you can make a vintage fully functional cabinet, isn't it?
  • Are you a music lover? If yes, maybe you have some old guitar that is no longer good for playing on. You can turn it into amazing shelf by getting rid of the front part of the guitar and adding shelving inside. Hang it in the living room or whenever you feel like it will be most admired. Store your books and CDs inside.

As you can see these projects are rather easy and if you want to spend a little more time on your refurbishment project you can completely re-purpose these things into something appealing and useful. Grab your broken items and bring them back to life!

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