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How bananas can make your home a better place?

It is well-known that the nutrients found in bananas are excellent for your health. But did you know that banana peels can be used in some unexpected yet beneficial applications at home? Read on and see if you find some of them useful.

  • When it comes to house cleaning Stockwell, taking care of your leather sofa can’t be neglected. In order to polish it, you need to remove any stringy material from the inside of the banana peel. After that rub the inside of the peel on your leather furniture and wipe it with a soft cloth. Of course, don’t forget to test a small area of the sofa first to make sure you will be satisfied with the results.
  • Little did you know you can polish your silverware with banana peels. A tip we heard from experts in end of tenancy cleaning Stockwell is to blend the inside of the peel with some water until a paste is formed. Rub this onto your silverware with a soft cloth and rinse with water afterwards. They will be polished to brilliance!
  • Not only you can use banana peels in your cleaning tasks but you can take advantage of them in the kitchen! Tenderize your meat with the help of banana peels. Next time you are cooking your chicken, beef or pork, place the peel on top of the meat just before it goes in the oven. By doing this you will keep your roasts moist and juicy.
  • You can protect your house plants from aphids by cutting banana peels into small pieces and burying them in the soil around your plants. Aphids don’t like the scent of bananas and it will repel them from your plants, keeping your flowers beautiful and healthy. An extra advantage is that burying banana peels in the soil will create a potassium rich fertilizer!

Now you know that bananas are not only good for your health but can successfully help you with some household tasks at home.

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