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How to clean different kitchen utensils?

Keeping kitchen utensils clean and fresh is important and there are no doubts about it. The contact between food we eat and kitchen utensils makes it significant for us to get rid of the bacteria. The fact that they are maintained, on the other side, leave kitchen utensils intact and efficient. But you must be asking yourself how to cope with all of those utensils? Here are our specially tailored guides to clean kitchen utensil effectively and naturally:

  • To deal with the scale and the hard-water film on the kitchen utensils, you can use ordinary white vinegar. It disinfects in deep without even harming the surface. Ammonia and salt are also fine for this housekeeping procedure.
  • You can effectively cope with the dirtiness and dust from copper or brass kitchen utensils. Prepare the same paste – distilled water, salt, white vinegar and a little bit of olive oil. Apply it on the vessel and do not rinse with water. Let the paste do its job for few minutes.
  • You can use the special conditioner for carpet cleaning Leicestershire to restore the pH level of the delicate kitchen utensils, as well.
  • To remove the germs and spots from stainless steel kitchen utensils, apply baking soda for organic grease and essential oils for old stains.
  • Do not forget to inform your professional domestic cleaners Leicestershire to keep the kitchen utensils fresh and hygienic, too, because regular maintenance is a must!
  • Any glass kitchen utensils can be finely recovered from dust and grime by rinsing them with warm water, then brushing them with tea tree oil and then again – rinsing with water!

Kitchen utensils are main instruments in cooking area, so make sure they are sterile and pure. Thus, the food will be more delicious and safer!

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