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How to make your summer unforgettable

Summer is the favorite season for many people because of it's nice, warm weather, vacations and all these funny activities we can do outside. The main thing all of us need to make their summer unforgettable are good memories. So start making them and don't waste even a minute of your free time. Most of us have to go to work every day but weekends are for this, and if you can get a vacation - it's great.

Plan your vacation, if you have one or get a long weekend - grab your family, friend or just two of you with your beloved one and go to a new place, find new people, try new things.




  • Lying on the beach day long - sounds great right? Refreshing breeze in your hair, warm touch of the sun rays, cold cocktail in your hand. It's awesome and relaxing but don't not give in to laziness, you can't make unforgettable memories this way. make something crazy - get few surf classes or go to a diving.
  • If you are not so beach person go to some mountain village. This time of the year prices are lower and the weather is awesome.
  • Choose some exotic destination - to some island or a country on the other side of the world. This for sure is experience you'll talk about for a long time. Enjoy different food even if it don't look similar to your taste, visit a festival or learn more about the local culture and traditions.

If you can enjoy only the weekend don't be sad about that, you can have fun on them too. Forget about cleaning your house, let this to your domestic cleaners and go out.



  • Picnic with your family or friends - find some place near to the city but far enough to be not over crowded. Make the food at home, fill the cooler to be sure that you have enough cold drinks and go. Don't forget to prepare some fun games because picnics are not just for eating outside. Take with you a ball or badminton, playing cards, robe or some logical puzzles you can play with your buddies.
  • Camping - sleeping in a tent for one night is not so bad but camp fire, the peace of the nature, bird singing are things that it's worth it. Sitting around the fire and telling some scary stories can be so interesting. If you are on romantic wave you can watch the stars and wait for the sunrise. 
  • Bet on the culture - go to a historical place, visit opera, concert or theater and all museums.

No matter which destination and what you will choose to do in the summer, make the best of you to spend it with people you love and who deserve your company.


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