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How to use floral motifs in your home interior

With its clean crisp look and saturated colours, floral prints are an integral part of the interior of many modern homes. By their nature, flowers have the ability to brighten the space around. Even in the form of printed fabrics for curtains and upholstery fabrics, they have the same effect.

How to use floral motifs in your home interior – take a look:

  • If you tend to think that a sofa with floral elements is something old fashioned, then take a peek at these modern homes, decorated with floral motifs. You will appreciate their stylish appearance and you will even be inspired to transform your own home according to  upholstery cleaners Bromley experience.
  • The floral motif on the wall itself is sufficient and there is no need for other items. Wallpaper with floral patterns allow you to create a simple, yet beautiful design. You can take advantage of the variety of such wallpapers, offered in the stores. In the end, home decoration is largely a matter of a personal choice, not just fashion, right?
  • Floral wallpapers for your bedroom – modern floral wallpaper in the predominant neutral range and bright colour accents instantly transform the rooms, especially the smaller ones. You don’t need to place additional decorative elements on the walls.
  • Dining chairs with bright floral damask – why not? The white and bright elements in the furnishing are required to enhance the beauty of the extravagant chairs.
  • Curtains and rugs – curtains with floral motifs bring the perfect dose of colour in the all-white interior. Use carpets with floral patterns as well to raise the mood! Your local carpet cleaners Bromley advise you to sanitise them thoroughly at least once a year, if you want to preserve their fabulous look.
  • Perhaps one of the last things that would make an impression is the lamp in Chartreuse colour enriched with floral motifs. Once you notice it, you will find out that it plays a decisive role in the creation of harmony in the interior.
  • Hang on the wall a great work of art with floral motifs, such as a picture. The colours must fit the hues of the particular room.
  • A few decorative pillows with floral patterns are the best way to achieve a fresh and vibrant interior. The same goes for any tiny pieces of furniture, which include some floral motifs. They are very appropriate if you live in a tenement. In case of approaching removal and end of tenancy cleaning, you are not going to have any difficulties.

When you combine floral prints with contemporary furnishings, the result is always fresh, playful and stylish. Finally, place a vase with real flowers on the table to complete the overall picture!

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