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Investigate the history of your house - smart tips

Have you ever considered the idea to research the history of your home? Perhaps you are curious to know what kind of people have lived there before you, or when was the last update of the plumbing. Actually this investigation is not only a caprice, but it may provide you important information about the building. As a result you will be informed how to ensure a better maintenance of your property. In case you have some free time and you want to devote yourself to this research, follow our pieces of advice in order to do it right:

  • You may start with a visitation of the local historical society or courthouse. The data there are organised according to a completely different system than the addresses, that you already know very well. At these places you may receive the official grid/lot number of your home. Subsequently, your research will become easier. Moreover - use this visitation to get yourself a copy of the prototype building permit. It definitely contains valuable information about the price of the property, the architects, the previous owners, the building dates and the original dimensions. Keep in mind, that you will get access to these important data in exchange of small fee.
  • Try to learn more facts about the previous owners of your home. This will help you to learn more about the home improvements that have been made before you. However, this may be a difficult mission, especially if these people have died hundreds years ago. If you don’t succeed in doing this, don’t despair, but continue with the other steps. Finally your efforts will give a positive result.
  • If the previous owners used to give on rent the house you can check them on landlord registers or learn more about the last tenants from the end of lease cleaning agency they use to put the property in good condition.
  • Provide yourself a new copy of your property’s abstract. You have to know that this is the document, that contains all legal transactions connected with your property as well as all deeds. In case you remember that you’ve been given this document when you first bought the estate, you should dig up your piles of documents. This piece of paper will help you to review the selling price and the history of the bargain. If you find out a spectacular increase of the costs for a small period of time, this means that an important renovation has been established. It’s possible that a room or a whole building was added to the real estate.  
  • Undertake a close inspection to your home. Perhaps you don’t even suspect how many thing you may discover only by looking. Look at what type of construction materials have been used. You may examine carefully the moldings and the walls. This investigation will inform you about how well off the first inhabitants were when your home was constructed; what essential changes it has endured. Experts advise you to search for original materials, for instance the bricks of the fireplace. If you’re too curious, you may even continue with the toilet. Just look under the water tank lid! Before you object, be aware of the explanation. It is that toilets are normally date-stamped under the lid. This step will provide you a rough assessment of when the house was built. When you’re done with this research, remember to put the lid back down. Keep in mind, that this mission will be very unpleasant if the toilet is not maintained super hygienic and brilliant. So you see that home cleaning chores should never be underestimated.
  • Get some valuable information by talking with your neighbours. In case you’re new to this neighbourhood, there is nothing strange to ask your long time neighbours about the young history of your home. Perhaps they will be able to help you. This conversation will help you not only to break the ice, but also to learn more about the previous owners and what type of renovation procedures they have made. If you meet polite and friendly fellow creatures, you may even ask them to take a look at their house structure. This may help you to find more facts about your own home. It’s true that there are areas with numerous comparable houses built in the same period. In case you come across rude people, don’t get angry or sad! You have so many other alternatives, such as visiting your local municipal planning agency or investigating your city’s newspaper archive. It all depends on how much time you are ready to devote to this mission. If you are persistent and you don’t quit your investigation project as you face the first obstacle, you will have success.

There are many reasons for undertaking a research of the history of your home. You have made a serious investment when you purchased your property and you’ve got the right to know everything about it. Even if you find out some strange facts and mysterious events, don’t worry at all! All that will remain in the past. There are no ghost that keeps hiding your car keys - this is a result of your forgetfulness. Good luck with the research of your house history! Playing a detective may be really exciting for you, who knows!

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