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Let’s debunk these myths about alcohol!

What we know about alcohol? There are some misconceptions connected with it, that we accept as true, without even thinking. Some of them are in the field of urban legends, others just seem obvious. Let’s take a deeper look:

  • Does alcohol make us more stupid? It's about whether drinking kills brain cells, not about "heroic" performances by intoxicated people. According to a research, alcohol does not damage the brain, however we have a headache the next morning. It does not kill brain cells, only temporarily hampers their work and any changes are completely reversible. Numerous studies confirm, that moderate consumption of wine is good preventive measure against dementia, cardiovascular disease and stroke.
  • Alcohol through a straw. It sounds like a joke, but there are still people who stubbornly believe that if you consume alcohol through a straw, intoxicating effect will increase. How exactly should happen, it is not very clear. One theory is that passing through the straw, alcohol is mixed with air and air saturated with alcohol goes into the nasal cavity where alcohol is absorbed faster into the bloodstream. Did you understand? Share this information with your tenancy cleaners Bromley, they will be curious.
  • Beer belly. In the context of beer we can not forget the myth of the beer belly - fat accumulation. This type of obesity is associated precisely with excessive consumption of this beverage. Until now, however, scientists have not discovered another link between beer and beer belly except, of course, caloric intake. Beer is undoubtedly food: a small - 330 ml, contains about 100 calories. It does not seem so much compared to soft drinks as coke - 110 calories for a 250 ml. In conclusion - other factors such as what we eat with beer, and genetic predisposition play a more decisive role for the abdomen fat accumulation. By the way, don’t forget that regular domestic cleaning Bromley is useful and burns calories.

In conclusion, we may say that balance and moderation are the key. Do not use excessive amounts of alcohol - you know why.

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