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Microfiber upholstery - specific features and cleaning techniques

Before purchasing a sofa with microfiber upholstery, you need to know more about the features of this material. This way, your choice will be based on your detailed knowledge and real facts. Actually, this material is produced from petroleum byproducts and waste. The truth is that these fibers are super fine and they form breathable, durable and easy-to-maintain fabric. Every housekeeper should know that microfiber is predisposed to grip dust, various small particles and hair. It all depends on the specific treatment of the fibres, on their quality and on the weave. Read carefully the lines below and find out more details on the topic:

  • Microfiber is a great alternative to suede and leather. In the beginning, it was even proclaimed as the go-to fabric. The reasons were: its easy hygienic maintenance, durability and colour diversity. It’s amazing, that this fabric suits modern interior styles and it’s even warmer than leather. It also reminds suede, but actually it’s much easier to be maintained.
  • In case you live with pets or children, microfiber upholstery is appropriate for you. This fabric repels water and it’s very resistant to different stains. It’s proven, that microfiber is highly wearable too. An extra protection may be delivered via treatment with diverse manufacturer-applied stain protectors. If you want to remove a spill from this material, in the common case, warm water and soft cloth are enough. For all pet owners, it’s recommended to check out the seams before the purchase of such furniture. In case you notice loose threads, this shows only one thing: poor workmanship. In order to avoid future problems with your pet, that has the habit to scratch, you’d better find another store.
  • It’s not accidental, that untreated microfiber is often used for producement of cleaning cloths. The reason is that this material attracts dust particles. So, in case your pet will be allowed to share the furniture with you, you have to know that hair will cling to the fabric. When it comes to accumulated dust, it may be easily removed via vacuuming. It’s good that it remains on the surface and you will clean your upholstery very easily.
  • When it comes to static electricity, you have to keep in mind, that all microfibers are different. It all depends on the manufacturer. Nowadays, some producers offer an anti-static protection, which is very convenient for customers.
  • Housekeepers, who want to live green should know that the manufacturing of microfiber demands more energy, than does the production of natural fabrics, such as linen, hemp, cotton. Moreover - unlike natural fabrics, microfiber is not prone to biodegradation at the end of its useful life.
  • One of the biggest advantages of microfiber is its easy cleaning. This becomes an enormous selling point. Read these steps for sanitising of microfiber sofa and convince all by yourself:
  • Start by thorough vacuuming of your sofa upholstery in order to get rid of dust and debris. Don’t forget to use the extension hose with the fabric attachment for this mission. It’s not reasonable to perform upholstery and carpet cleaning with the same attachment. If you notice some stains, they should be scrubbed via clean, dry brush. This will stimulate lifting of crusty spills from the fabric. Removing the cushions is mandatory in order to brush the areas underneath.  
  • You may find valuable instructions on the sofa tag. Perhaps one of these 4 codes of cleaning will be indicated: S is for a water-free solvent; W is for a water-based cleaning solvent; S/W is for either, and X is for neither (i.e. vacuum-only). When it comes to water-free solvents, you may apply rubbing alcohol, clear alcohol like vodka, lighter fluid, baby wipes and dry-cleaning solvent. Appropriate water based cleaning solutions include mild dish detergent; gentle soap; specialised upholstery shampoo.      
  • Testing the cleaning product in an invisible area is very important. This way you will prevent any unpleasant surprises. Then you may continue by applying a small amount of the cleaning solution directly on the stain. You should be very careful not to over-saturate the material. It’s normal that certain spills will respond better to your cleaning methods.   
  • When it comes to watermarks or ink stains, you may use rubbing alcohol. In case you have spilled wax, you should put a towel over the spillage and run the hot iron on it. Act quickly to succeed! If the upholstery has retained some bad smells, the best solution is the good old baking soda. Mix with some water to prepare a paste, then apply on the spot. After the mixture dries up, just vacuum it off!
  • In case your sofa is super dirty and it has removable W or SW cover, you may use your laundry machine on delicate cycle. The applied detergent should be also very gentle and don’t forget about the preliminary spot-testing.
  • Sometimes after cleaning, microfiber may get stiff. Don’t worry at all, because all it needs is a little brushing. Use clean, dry brush and everything will be fine.

Now you are well informed about the specific features of microfiber upholstery and some popular cleaning methods. It’s already up to you weather you will purchase such a sofa. If you like it, don’t hesitate to buy it. After all, you may always use professional assistance when it comes to its hygienic maintenance.   

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