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Microwave is priceless nowadays

Nowadays every single household has a microwave. This kitchen appliance helps us a lot. Whether you want to defrost, boil or warm some kind of food or liquid you always use this device. It’s super easy to work with it and you need just a several minutes, depending on what you need to do. Microwave helps us in cooking and household, there is no doubt about that. Check out some of the ways:

  • Melting, softening, defrosting. Microwaves are irreplaceable partners when it comes to all these actions. If you have no time to wait your meat to defrost, just set this appliance to the special defrosting function and wait several minutes. You want to melt some butter or your honey is also candied? No problem! This device will help you again. You will have thick honey - just soften it in the microwave again.
  • Sterilization function. Sterilise your small mops and cleaning sponges before performing the regular house cleaning. They are definitely dirty and smelly and you have to undertake something before using them again. Put them in water and boil them for approximately 3 minutes! After that, don’t forget to leave them for a while to cool down. Well, now you can start the end of tenancy cleaning Bromley.
  • Remove stains on cloths and rags thanks to your microwave! This is very easy and useful method. You have to put some liquid soap or dishwashing detergent on the dirty cloths. Put them in a pot with water after that and boil for several minutes.
  • What about stains on furniture? Upholstery cleaning Bromley is sometimes very difficult task. You’d better entrust it to professional company.   

Can you share with us other useful ways to use the microwave? Making popcorn is just one of the numerous profits to have a microwave oven.

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