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Must-Have Tools for Every Gardener!

No matter if you have a big or small garden, you should take a good care of it. Maybe you are aware of some of the essential tools you would need but you may be missing something. We collected the must-haves – most of them are not pricey at all but they will be your true partners when you start growing your plants! Read on and check them out below:

  • Let`s start with gardening gloves – it is needless to say why a good pair of gloves is a must. Preventing yourself from blisters and calluses, they are the basis of every gardening project. Whether you are shovelling mulch or pulling weeds, you need them. When you are taking care of the rose bushes, you definitely need a thick pair as the thorns can really hurt when you are working with bare hands. Another good reason why you should have them is that some weeds can cause severe allergy reactions. If you still haven`t bought your gardening gloves, opt for ones provided with leather palms for additional protection.
  • Second thing on the list – pruning shears. You may not need them to trim back the garden plants but yet there are some bushes that should be kept from taking over your garden. For example, if you have flower beds and you want to keep them without bushes around you will need pruning shears to control their growth. You can also trim around the grass especially if you don`t have a big garden and don`t have enough room. It`s not a coincidence that professional gardeners are always armed with quality pruning shears – be well-equipped even if you are an amateur gardener!
  • A wheelbarrow serves perfectly any yard – moving large rocks or big bags of soil will be much easier if you get a wheelbarrow. Things that are too heavy for carrying can be easily transported. You will no longer have to worry about moving mulch from one bed to another.
  • Even if you are new at the gardening you probably know that you should break up the existing soil before planting anything. For this task, you will need a pointed shovel. If you want to keep your garden healthy and your plants happy get a long-handled shovel with a pointed tip and you will easily get rid of lumps and hard soil. Don`t forget that after you break up the solid soil you should turn in some nutrients like manure or compost – by doing this you are guaranteeing yourself a well-grown garden.
  • Next tool that is really convenient is a garden trowel. It is a small hand-held shovel and as it is slightly narrow it allows you to dig holes in the soil. You will need it when you have to plant seedlings or when you have to turn the soil into a pot. There are some plants that prefer to be potted and if you are short on space in your garden, you can keep them on your patio. Pick vivid colours for the pots to add fresh accents – you will have enough room for the other plants that really need a lot of space in the beds.
  • What's next on the list is a watering can. As nowadays there are a lot of designs and patterns you can easily get distracted and forget about the functionality. However, you should choose one depending on the size and location of your garden – opt for the 'rain' type of spout. When you have delicate plants in your garden such as radishes and newly sprouted beans, you need to be gentle as watering them forcefully can easily kill them.
  • Garden hose is a must when you are living in a dry climate and rain is not an often event. Having a hose long enough to reach any plant in your garden is essential in order to keep your greens alive. If you are willing to invest some more money in different spray attachments, they will help you a lot – for instance, a gentle spray attachment will do a fantastic job, otherwise, you can drown your crop.
  • The gardening bucket is a good way of keeping your tools organised – opt for one with individual compartments. When it`s time for planting you have to carry around you bags of seeds, industrial scissors, gardening tools and so on. By having a convenient bucket to carry all of the stuff you need, you will save few trips back and forth!  
  • In the same line of thought, you will need a bucket in which you will carry your harvest. We won`t judge you if you carry potatoes in your tucked shirt but still the better way is to pick up your harvest with an appropriate vessel to put them into.

These tools will be your true assistants when it`s time for gardening. Don`t forget to download a weather app so you always know what is coming next – save yourself the watering and let it rain!


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