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Original headboards that will totally transform your bedroom

Headboard for bed is an important element of the interior of a bedroom. It is not mandatory, but it is a detail that can give completeness or that will transform the decor in various ways. See some ideas, that will inspire you and will help you in the selection of headboards:

  • Recycled wood. Wood enjoys great popularity because it is a natural material importing heat in one room. You can make great headboards from pieces of wood or pallets. It will add character to any bedroom and will add rustic or vintage touch, but it will fit perfectly in modern interiors.
  • Books. People who prefer unusual design could use unusual materials. If you have old books that you no longer need, you can superimpose them on each other and thus to acquire a decorative function. Another possibility is to use a large bookcase or attach books on a wooden board.
  • “Graffito”. In most cases headboard serves only for decoration and has no other function than to achieve this visual effect. This means that you can directly draw a picture on the wall. This will create the illusion that there is an upper tray, but at the same time you won’t waste space for real. If you live on rent and soon you will need and end of tenancy cleaning Chiswick, better don’t draw on the wall. Thus you will avoid problems with the landlord.
  • Mirror. The mirrors can make a room very elegant. Furthermore, they provide additional choice of interesting headboard. Be sure, that when your carpet cleaners Chiswick enter the room, they will be truly impressed from this original headboard.
  • Geometric designs. In modern and contemporary headboards, like all other elements of this style, the focus often is on clean lines and geometric designs. So you can choose panels with abstract or simple design. Use color to make the headboard stand out.
  • Headboards as artwork. If the bedroom needs a focal point, forget the headboards of traditional design, but instead rely on something more artistic. You can paint the wall or select headboard, that beautifully combines art with comfort and functionality

Do you like some of our ideas? You can apply them in your bedroom too.

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