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Plants at home and little kids - hidden dangers

Maybe you think that plants at home are always a good idea – they purify the air, make your house look beautiful and some of them are medicinal. However, sometimes they can be dangerous for little kids – if they are not supervised by an adult they can crush the plants, taste them or even try to eat them! Here are some of the risks of having house plants.  

  • Eating and touching the leaves are definitely amongst the most common risks. Not only they can lead to swelling of the mouth and digestive tract but if the last time you did the domestic cleaning Fulham you forgot to wipe the dust away your kids may have respiratory problems. House plants usually collect a lot of dust on their leaves so check them out the next time you do your chores.
  • Ingesting berries or blossoms is another potential danger with unpleasant consequences. Usually it results in burning the mouth, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Not that common but yet a serious risk - eating the soil. Your curious kid may decide that this is the new delicacy. Again it can lead to stomach upset, vomiting, numbing of the throat, etc. It depends on the soil you are using and the chemicals you have put in it in order to maintain the health of your plant. Another undesirable risk is that the soil can fall on the carpet and it is really stubborn to be removed - imagine your carpet with a muddy stain on it because you just have watered the plant! Better save your efforts and call the carpet cleaners  Wimbledon – they will take care of it.
  • Here is the list of toxic house plants – philodendron, lily, dieffenbachia, oleander, caladium, pothos and ivy.

Houseplants may seem harmless but they are potential hazard for your little children. Remember to keep the plants out of the kids` reach or at least supervise them whenever they are around your green beauties!

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