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Pressure cooker - wonderful helper in the kitchen

Cooking in a pressure cooker is much easier and most importantly faster than the other vessels. Furthermore, it saves energy and products that you have decided to prepare do not change the taste qualities, they even become more delicious. Pressure cooker is a real assistant for those of you who do not have much time to spend in the kitchen. Here are more details:

  • Cooking in pressure cooker has nothing complicated. Modern pressure cookers can reduce the time for preparation of the product from 30 to 60%. It depends on its size, but also on its origin. If you cooked beans for hours before, with the pressure cooker you won’t have similar problem.
  • The meat is also cooked very quickly and easily, no matter what it is. It is tender and juicy, and you save enough time to prepare garnishes. To be able to prepare various dishes in the pressure cooker, you should know what is the technology of cooking. Most devices are sold with instructions for use, but there are some general rules that we can mention. Perhaps your Bromley house cleaning experts also know these rules.
  • When you cook with pressure cooker, fill more than 2/3 of its volume. It will not be difficult to determine the amount, because these vessels have an indication how far you can fill them at most.
  • The time begins to run not by putting it on the stove, but after the screw starts steaming. This means that the liquid has boiled. At this point of cooking you should decrease the heating. Then you may continue with your carpet cleaning Bromley. It’s so easy - no need of stirring and watching the meal.
  • When you open the pressure cooker, do not try to press or apply extreme force. There's an easy way to open the cover, which is described in the user guide.
  • The chance to burn the product in the pressure cooker is minimal, since the liquid does not evaporate, as usually when cooking.
  • The cover must be tightly closed in order to obtain a successful sealing. And most importantly - never cook with a pressure cooker without filling it with water!

What about you? Do you have a pressure cooker at home?

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