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Real food for your cat

In the stores now you can buy any food for cats. Granulated, canned, flavored with chicken, beef, fish, vegetables and whatnot. If you decide, however, to diverse the menu of your cat, homemade food is useful. It’s necessary to know which products are useful for the pet. It is important not to give meals cooked for the members of the house - full of salt, sugar and spices. The cat is very conservative animal. It won’t try food with which it is not accustomed in the first days after weaning from breast milk. There is nothing better than fresh, full of vitamins and minerals food.

  • Fish - although they are fond of these products, fish cuisine should not be frequent in the menu of our kitten. 2-3 times a week is the maximum option of protein-rich fish. Avoid giving your cat raw fish - raw fish contains the enzyme tiaminoza which after cooking disappears. Excessive presence of this enzyme leads to a deficiency of vitamin B. Choose oily fish: trout, pangasius, cod, whitefish, carp. Remove carefully bones. Some cats love seafood too.
  • Offal - most cats are dying for it. Tripe is especially useful - you can give it in small quantities. Liver and lung are best to be scalded briefly in water before serving. By liver cat gets vitamin A that her body does not produce, but beware: excessive accumulation of vitamin A leads to toxemia. Another good source of vitamin A is the cheese - it needs desalination. Your carpet cleaners London may be also know that.
  • Eggs - cooked are preferable, as it reduces the likelihood of salmonellosis. However, if the source of the eggs seems confident, give her only the yolk. Do not overdo it with the eggs, 2 times a week is enough. You can ask your domestic cleaning London experts to feed your cat when you are busy at work. They will be glad to help you.
  • Meat - give the cat meat: chicken, rabbit, turkey, beef - in smaller quantities offer it raw. Prepare it for your cat without spices.
  • Milk - it is no substitute for water, it is food! Most cats after being weaned from nursing, begin to have problems with the processing of lactose in milk. This leads to diarrhea. You can give dry milk - in which lactose is missing.
  • Vegetables - very rarely cats eat such food. Do not stop it.

As you may have noticed, the main food of the cat is protein. Do not feed your cat with extra food - excessive eating leads to obesity, which leads to a drop in her immunity.

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