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Removing fleas from your home - hacks

The most common carrier of fleas are pets. It is necessary to take measures for the prevention of the animal, so your dog or cat will remain protected. First, when taking a new animal, review it carefully for the presence of fleas. Here are more details on the topic:

  • These parasites, and their eggs, can be viewed with the naked eye. To be completely sure, best bathe the animal with flea shampoo against ticks and fleas.
  • Once you have eliminated the possible presence of fleas, don’t forget to put a parasite leash to your pet. Replace it from time to time with new and make sure your pet carries the leash all year round.
  • It’s not mandatory, however, to have pets for fleas to emerge. If they conquer your home, it will be very hard to get rid of them. They live on the donor and leave him only to lay their eggs. The most preferred place for that is the ground - the dust and soil (when fleas are outside), and in your home these are textiles - carpets, bedding, where you sleep, the clothes you wear.
  • Regardless of where the problem came in your house, immediately wash all the clothes, tablecloths, carpets, bedding and fabrics at maximum temperature. Then dry them in the dryer for about an hour. Possibly iron them. Keep in mind, that ordinary carpet cleaning procedure  Wimbledon won’t help.
  • All places for resting and sleeping of your animal and all the premises should be cleaned thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. Do not miss the windowsills, shelves and carpets. If you miss even a millimeter, it’s most likely there will hide some eggs of fleas. If you can’t cope on your own, call the local professional domestic cleaners Wimbledon.
  • All places on the floor where there are cracks, should be cleaned thoroughly. Best for this purpose are appliances with steam cleaning of fabrics and floor space.
  • After completion of this mission, cleaning of devices and tools must be also performed. The vacuum cleaner bag should be immediately replaced.

The sanitising process will have to be repeated several times, in order to remove all the eggs too.

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