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Shabby chic interior style? Learn more about it!

Ok, you might only think that you are aware of all the currently available and existing interior styles, but do you know what shabby chic is? Well, this is actually a completely new style that has entered the design world in such a manner that not only furniture and decoration is made in it, but even building constructions, accessories for home and etc. Shabby chic interior design is similar to Vintage, but it is not quite the same. On the other side, it has lots of retro conceptions, but the modern line is also in it. But let`s not confuse you even more, but give you the necessary information about shabby chic you need to know on mandatory in case you want it in your own home, as well:

  • What is shabby chic? “Shabby” means wasted and this is the main idea in shabby chic interior. In short, this interior focuses on old things and the way we can reuse them. For this purpose, we have linked this style with retro and Vintage ideas, as well. But its specific feature is the worn-out look that is made on purpose – not because you have forgotten to hire house cleaning company Leicestershire, but because this is the main idea!
  • Dining furniture are the most important pieces of furniture in shabby chic. And the accent in the large living space, where living room and dining room – and sometimes, even the library – are situated – are combined is the old retro table. In most cases, it is white, gray or oak wooden.
  • Antique frames are the main wall decors. The always have some special engravings. In most cases, the frames are silver or gold. Still, do not get deluded that this is the only type of shabby chic decors. You can find brilliant vases, candlesticks, table cloths and curtains – all in retro Vintage style.
  • Furry things are quite popular for contemporary shabby chic style, as well. Such a rug could be an amazing addition to your living space. Just make sure carpet cleaners Leicestershire check on it once in a while, because white nuances are preferred here, as well.

Shabby chic – yes or no?

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