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Top terrific movies that are based on true stories!

They say a good movie is usually either based on a true story, or becomes a creative result from a sick mind. Well, we will leave crazy artists aside in order to show you the top terrific movies that are based on true stories. Well, some of them will definitely surprise you...

  • The Wolf of Wall Street – the best Hollywood title from 2014th year is by all means our favorite, but it is not only Leo's smile that makes us fall in love with the main character. Actually, his features are taken from a real investor, who did quite the same things to get so close to the success...

  • American Gangster – this drug story is actually made by using the giant pack of police reports with the investigations as to an American soldier from Vietnam War.

  • The Bling Ring. The movie shows a group of brave teens, who don't want to obey any rules, but still dream of fancy life. Together they begin breaking in rich houses owned by celebrities and steal their gems, clothes and even lives. These teens have never touched the mop or done the floor polishing, but the surface behind their feet was always shiny and brilliant!

  • Catch Me if You Can – another awesome movie and role played by Leo Di Caprio. You must remember the amazing story of a boy, who makes everyone believes him he is a the richest person in the world. Well, actually there was such a person living on Earth, too. And he achieved anything in life without even being scared of cops, of professors, who did not know he had no education, the landlords, who did not know that no end of tenancy cleaners were there to sanitize his home...

What's your favorite one among them? Well, Leo is definitely the best actor to play a real person!

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