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Under the staircase...

If you wonder how much can be put under the staircase, remember that Harry Potter was growing under one. Even the two story homes need storage space and even if you own two bags of stuff, someday you will have much more and you will wonder where to store them. Under the stairs is a perfect place, see why:

  • Library. In a modern home usually the books are electronic. If you fall into the category “a bit old fashion” and you own stacks of books, you can use that space. Depending on the construction of the staircase you can use the whole depth of the steps or just part of it. In the deeper shelves you can place two rows of books or glasses, souvenirs and other objects. Arrange all these neatly, you don't want the first impression from your home to be “cluttered library”.
  • Drawers and doors. For maximum usage of the space, design drawers and doors that won't take from the space. They can be sliding or with strange angle of opening, depends on the room in front of them. If your floors are hardwood, you can make it not only useful but also cheap. Use the leftovers to make the doors and the fronts of the drawers. You can clean them with the same detergents and methods that you use for the floor polishing Leicester.
  • Bike stand. If the space under the stairs is open, you can easily turn it into a place to store your bike, rollers or skateboard. Apply the needed stands or a couple of brackets and you won't have anymore problems with the home parking.

  • Extra bathroom. If you have a family, one more bathroom is always welcome. Take an advice from professional before digging channels and choosing the tiles. Maybe your space is not suitable for that project. If it is, you will have your private bathroom and one for visitors, staff or end of tenancy cleaners Leicester.

Sometimes the stairs are so high that you can even make a place for chilling and reading. Don't underestimate it and don't overestimate the space you need. Extra surfaces, desks or even a whole home office – your needs and imagination will give you the best of ideas.

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