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What are the benefits of Beeswax?

From time immemorial, people have been using natural remedies for various diseases and beauty purposes. Despite the fact that today’s beauty industry is advancing with a tremendous speed and new products are released every day, it seems that those containing natural products are the most expensive ones. Let’s draw beeswax as an example of a “multi-purpose” natural product. Its fantastic healing properties have been well-known for centuries. It is not coincidence beeswax is the main ingredient of the most renowned beauty products. Admittedly, it is an amazing substance and its applications are probably impossible to count. Here are some of its interesting applications you might not have heard about.

  • As you know, artists have their own ways of creating real masterpieces. If you want to add an elegant sparkle to your living room after the painting contractor finishes the project, you can make your DIY piece of art. No, you don’t need a diploma in fine arts, but just a bit of creativity. Encaustic painting, also popular as hot wax painting, comprises of adding coloured pigments to heated beeswax. In most cases, the heated beeswax is applied to a wooden surface, although the usage of a canvas is also possible.
  • If you have ever had to perform a small home improvement project that included hammering nails into a wooden surface, you should know how much precision is required otherwise the wood splinters. In order to avoid the splintering, coat the nails with beeswax before you hammer them in.
  • You might be surprised to find out about the numerous applications of beeswax around the household. For instance, beeswax is regarded as the most effective natural product that prevents rusting. If you want to protect the metal parts of your gardening tools, all you need to do is to rub beeswax on them.
  • Squeaky doors, windows and drawers can be easily fixed if you rub some beeswax onto the problematic areas.
  • Back in the old days when the footwear industry was not so well developed, people had to find a method for making their shoes water resistant. And they used… guess what? Of course, beeswax. Rub the shoe with beeswax and melt the wax with a hairdryer, so it spreads all over the shoe. Wait a couple of minutes before you put the shoes on.
  • If you set aside about one hour, you can make your own DIY shoe polishing product. For the purpose, you need to mix 2 ounce of oil and half ounce beeswax. Heat these two, so the beeswax is melted. Then, take the mixture off the stove and add 1 tps pigment. The more pigment you add, the darker colour you will get. Store the mixture in a jar with a lid.
  • If you read the label of your furniture polishing product, you will see that it contains beeswax. There is no need to buy yet another expensive polisher  when you can make your own. Grate 1 tablespoon of beeswax and add 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Heat the substance until you get a homogeneous mixture. Move it away from the heat and wait until it cools and hardens and there you have it – a natural furniture polisher you can immediately use.
  • If you have a countertop made of a natural stone such as granite, you must know that it requires special attention when it comes to cleaning and preserving its shine. The initial shine of your granite countertop can be restored if you rub in some beeswax, wait until it gets dry and wipe the surface with a microfibre cloth. Apart from shiny, beeswax will make the granite surface stain-resistant.
  • As the time passes, removal of tarnish from your bronze or copper items gets more and more difficult. That’s why you need to take preventive measures and make a solution of beeswax and turpentine. Apply the mixture to the bronze item and buff with a towel, so a hard, thin coat is created.
  • Let’s see why beeswax is so widespread in the beauty industry. Apart from giving your skin a beautiful glow and locking the moisture in, beeswax is famous for being the most suitable skin care product for people prone to allergies and skin irritations. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties make it the product of choice of people who have severe long-term skin conditions such as rosacea.
  • According to various researches, beeswax also has anti-bacterial properties. The combination of beeswax, honey and olive oil is said to effectively fight fungus, Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus.

These were some of the most practical uses of beeswax. Don’t hesitate to try them out if you want to save up some money and spare yourself from being exposed to the negative impact of the toxic particles some contemporary beauty and home improvement products contain.

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